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I take pictures all of the time. All sorts of stuff is here. Some of it is personal, some funny.

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Date: February 17, 2012, 9:58 am

From: Maz:
I just found a silamir scale this past weekend at a flea market. Not sure where I'm going to put it yet. Looking forward to your big reveal.Kathleen

Date: February 19, 2012, 9:22 pm

From: Katy:
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Date: June 5, 2012, 3:30 am

From: Waqashamas:
Ashley - Wow, thanks guys! I cotrevned the photos to B&W, I like having the color ones as well, but it is a B&W photography class. In some of the photos I feel like you lose a bit of the impact of the light when changing it to B&W, so I definitely played with the levels to bring that white out and really see the contrast in the photo. Would love to see what you did in high school!

Date: December 6, 2013, 3:09 am

From: Dang:
OMG!!!! I had the blessed and God-adorned opnutropity to attend GGG on Friday (7/13). Earlier that wk, I had just uttered (to myself) that I didn't want to go to any venues where there was loud music or drinking I wanted a nice and calm wknd. My great-niece arrived from Connecticut and one of her friends had backed out and she had a free ticket and if I wanted to attend. I screamed yes and thank you so much for considering me. It was detined for me to be there because Bishop Jakes spoke something to and within me. I've been playing tug-of-war of how I will market myself when I retire. I've also been sitting on a gift/talent of writing, thinking that it wasn't good enough and after the show, there were some young ladies who were promoting assistance for those who write and gave me a business card; so that was confirmation again. The entire night was confirmation; so I'm taking the necessary steps to go forward. But I'm also realizing that I can't get to the promise w/o going through the process and that there will be some rough and difficult times, but God has my back and my front; so I can accomplish it. Thanks DeeDee for such an awesome and God-stirring time of my life I'll never forget it. Also, thank you God for Pastor Mike's love/support to her for ensuring it was a success.

Date: December 6, 2013, 12:46 pm

From: Aracely:
There is an irony here. Naturals want to believe that anoyne bigger or better than them are on something . Users that see someone as good or better than them want to believe that those people are on something .Anyone over 12 years of age should know someone that is natural and can gain mass quickly. Genetics is a wonderful thing. It makes possible for a man to swim like a fish, Michael Phelps, understand space-time, Einstein, and squat 500 lbs for 15 reps, Bob Paris.I believe Kevin. I thought his comments were inspiring. Bodybuilders are not just about drugs. It's about the drive in us to make ourselves in our own image through the mind body connection, proper nutrition, gut busting training in the gym and brain power. It's a great thing that he has done.The awful truth is that we as a bodybuilding society have become so accustomed to drug use and abuse that we have lost site of ourselves. It's not about the next cycle or blasting and cruising or the latest myostatin inhibitor scam. It's about us as individuals and how we perceive ourselves, project a better self of the future and make that image a reality. Bodybuilding is a life style and a philosophy and both are personal. It is a belief system akin to a religion, yet more personal, deeper, touching our soul, makes us question our inner being, makes for regular introspection, drives us to purity of diet, of mind, of training.The drugs have increasingly changed the game and this is a tragedy. The wonderful chemicals that seemingly add vitality, add strength, add youth, have become the focus. No longer do we see the beings that we truly are. We have reduced ourselves to our own personal lab rats. The mind body connection in many instances has been traded for a mind body disconnection where the mind is the alchemist and the body is a caged rat for our pleasure of manipulation.We are so accustomed to fraud, so accustomed to falsehood, so accustomed to the use of enhancers used for profit that we can not realize truth even when it is put before us. It just can not be so because it is so often the case that it is not truth but a thinly veiled lie, a veneer of wishful thought on top of a hope that we hold to our heart.I say good job to Kevin. I do not believe he committed a fraud on his fans and his niche society. I base this on the evidence put before me by him, John and Dave. Kudos to all of them. If on the outside chance this was a fraud then I am a fool for believing in humanity, in the strength that has propelled us through the ages to better things. Kevin shows us that humanity is still alive and can exist outside of our alchemy. It is our spirit that propels us to these great things. Kevin has shown us his great spirit and by example challenges us to tap into our own spirit and do those great things that he believes we all can do.

Date: December 6, 2013, 4:17 pm

From: John:
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